Living in a box: incredible cardboard homes


Box room

The ultimate eco-friendly living spaces, upcycled cardboard houses are cheap, quick to assemble and surprisingly resilient, not to mention super-warm and cozy. From ultra-sustainable dwellings in France to Japan’s post-earthquake paper pad, check out our pick of cardboard homes from around the world.

Bat’Ipac Homes, France

French firm Bat’Ipac has pioneered the use of a special type of honeycomb cardboard invented by amateur architect Hubert Lê in 2005. The wonder material, which is 100% recycled and recyclable, is ultra hard-wearing, water-resistant and hypoallergenic, plus it provides excellent heat and sound insulation.
The walls, floors and roof in a Bat’Ipac home are made from the special cardboard, which is sandwiched between thin sheets of chipboard and supported by a wooden frame. Remarkably insulating, the snug homes can maintain an internal temperature of 21⁰C (70⁰F), even when it’s as cold 5⁰C (42⁰F) outside.